The Single Action Shooting Society and CASS Inc.  Proudly Present

Appalachian Showdown XXVII (2018)




Deadline for Registration in AUGUST 25th 

Late entries will incur a $20 Late Fee 


SASS RULES APPLY              




All Shooters & Spectators MUST wear Eye & Ear Protection



Pay one price - Side matches and BBQ included in match fees!


Registration, Wild Bunch Match & Side Matches

Wild Bunch:  Registration opens at 8am  - Shooting begins at 9am till 11am

Side Matches will run from 12:00am to 4pm.



Final Registration is from 8:00am to 8:45am.  Opening ceremonies & safety meeting start at 9:00am.  All shooters must attend.

Main stages will begin directly following the opening ceremonies & safety meeting.  The Banquet will be onsite this year starting at 4pm.  Side match awards will be presented at the Banquet.



Wrap up "Main match" stages  Awards ceremony will follow as soon as scores are tabulated.

Top-Gun shoot off will take place after the awards and everyone can participate.



You will need 100 rounds of pistol, 100 rounds of rifle and 75 rounds of shotgun ammunition for the main stages.  Although you will want to bring more for side matches, etc.


Miscellaneous Notes

You may wish to bring a folding chair.  There will be times that it will be nice to take a load off.  Rain gear may prove handy, it has been known to rain during this event.  Insect repellant may be VERY handy.  Days will be warm and nights rather cool.  Keep these things in mind while packing.  We will once again host a re-sell tent with items for sale. A portion of the proceeds go to the CASS Scholarship Fund, so DON'T FORGET your spendin' stash!!!!



NO ATV's or golf carts permitted!  Due to the "layout" or our range, these means of transportation can not be accommodated.

Wheel chairs and three wheeled electric chairs can be accommodated.

All Shooters & Spectators MUST wear Eye & Ear Protection

Entry confirmations will be sent via email, please write legibly!!!

All side match winners will receive a certificate.  There will be no "pot" shoots.

$20.00 late fee for entries postmarked after August 25th.

$20.00 processing fee for all shoot cancellations.

No cancellation refunds after Sept. 1st.


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